Goldieblox – engineering toys for girls



One of the most talked about topics of last week was the law suit that the Beastie Boys started against GoldieBlox, for using a parody of their song “Girls” in an ad for their toys. The Beastie Boys have made clear that they don’t have a problem against the company or the product, but says they made a deal to never use their music for advertisement. The original video, which was viewed 8 million times, as now been replaced by one with an instrumental guide track, but the message of the ad is still the same. This is something we should not overlook.

In a time where the lines are blurred between the labels ‘men’ and ‘women’ – women are becoming more sexually liberal, androgyny is hot, and careers for everyone are highly expected – there is still evidence to find that we are, in fact, not the same, and we are not “there yet” when it comes to being equal. Fewer than 3 in 10 graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are women. And barely 1 in 10 actual engineers are women.

One of the great things about the feminist movement and what it has brought us over the last few decades is that women have a choice in what they want to do and become in life. To give the new generation a little hand in understanding the possibilities, the feminist movement has now taken a step into the creation of innovative toys, especially made for girls, to explore and discover their technical side in a playful manner.

Watch the (awesome!) video ad for GoldieBlox below.


The unsuspected sides of Tom Hiddleston

When we first get introduced to actors in a role they play very convincingly, it’s hard to picture them in a different way than the character itself.

How surprised was I, when I saw this video of Tom Hiddleston, the evil, conflicted Loki, brother of Thor, singing Stand by Me in a car in Germany after being on the German lifestyle magazine ‘Taff’. The Taff reporter drives the Hollywood star – who was by the way also nominated for “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine, but lost to great dissatisfaction of ‘the Internet’ to Adam Levine – around Berlin and convinces him to do a little karaoke.

Who knew that ‘Loki’ could look so good, be so charming, and sing so casually even though he doesn’t have the voice of an angel? After briefly surfing around after seeing this video, it turns out Hiddleston is also quite the juggler, dancer, gentleman, and comedian.
Watch and enjoy.