Isabella Blow exhibition

Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow

Who is Isabella Blow? Allow me to introduce you to this mysterious and tragic woman in a nutshell. Isabella Blow was an English magazine editor with an uncanny sense of style and fashion with a great love for extravagant artwork in an elegant and sometimes strange-beyond-belief way. Her style choices are a great influence of Lady Gaga’s general appearance today, and she is credited with discovering fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Towards the end of her glamorous and influential life, Blow suffered greatly from depressions and eventually killed herself in 2007.

Just recently, an exhibition showcasing her legendary wardrobe opened at Somerset House in London. The collection was originally bought by the style maverick’s friend Daphne Guinness. Co-Curator Shonagh Marshall, who created the exhibition with Alistair O’Neill explained to Vogue UK:

She was once quoted as saying, ‘It’s about the craft, not the crap’, and that was something she stood by. The exhibition pays tribute to her idiosyncrasies, her quirks, her wit, her dark humour and also her love of grandeur. You don’t get characters like that any more – there’s no one of her infamy around in fashion now.”

As well as displaying over 100 pieces from Blow’s wardrobe, many of which are styled exactly how the fashion editor wore them, the exhibition is also littered with double-page spreads of her work. You may like her style or not, but the exhibition seems to give a wonderful insight into how she viewed the art that comes with high fashion in a deeper sense than what Lady Gaga has managed to pull off.

Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! is open at Somerset House from until March 2 2014.


Elliott Sailors’ brave modeling move

Elliot Sailors | Photo By Wild Card Photo

Elliot Sailors | Photo By Wild Card Photo

The discussion in the fashion and modeling industry about the exploitation of young girls have been going on for years. Despite this discussion, the girls seem to get younger and younger, jet-setting the world and dealing with criticism about growing a feminine figure while they’re not even old enough to drive or drink. Model Elliott Sailors (31) has had a successful career in womenswear modeling – from couture catwalks to Ellen von Unwerth shoots – but recently found herself inspired by androgynous model Andrej Pejic. As she told Vogue UK:

I definitely wasn’t a girly girl growing up, although I wasn’t good at sports so I suppose I was missing the athletic skills to be called a tomboy! It was 2011 when I first saw pictures of Andrej Pejic, and I immediately thought, ‘I could do that.’ I tried a few shoots with my long blonde hair, like Andrej, modeling menswear and it just didn’t work. I wrapped my breasts and didn’t pose as you would for womenswear, but stylists and make-up artists still saw me as a woman – and the make-up was all wrong, shading my face to make me more manly – so I knew I had to cut my hair.”

Even though Sailors was inspired by Pejic to try and model for men’s wear as a woman, her motives and lifestyle are very different. Pejic was born a man and is becoming a woman while playing with transgender image and blurring the lines between “man” and “woman”. In 2011 there was a controversy in the US after Pejic posed for the cover of New York based magazine Dossier Journal, in which she is taking off a white shirt while wearing her long blond hair in curlers.

Andrej Pejic | Photo by Collier Schorr

Andrej Pejic | Photo by Collier Schorr

Elliot however, is a happily married woman who harbours no desire to become a man. She simply decided to cut her hair short and leave everything she has learned about feminine modeling behind to expand her work field, and with that, hopefully, extend her modeling career:

There is a market for womenswear models into their thirties and forties but it is much more commercial and, the truth is, if you love working in high fashion – which I do – you can do that much longer in menswear.
I don’t want what I’ve done to be seen as any kind of revolt against the fashion industry, I love the industry and what it creates, I’m just adding another voice to the narrative.”

I think it’s an incredibly brave step to take and might start a chain reaction to the view of the modeling industry as it is. Keep an eye out for this one!

Kate Bosworth for Topshop

Kate Bosworth for Topshop | Photographer: Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth for Topshop | Photographer: Michael Polish

We still have to wait six patient months before we can see what Kate Moss’ new collection for Topshop will look like. Luckily, the new Autumn/Winter collection by the other Kate, Bosworth to be exact, is released in Topshop stores today. Actress/Model Kate Bosworth has worked with Topshop in the past on a festival season collection, and due to its success, they’ve now stepped up their game and entered the winter collection challenge.
The result is described as the perfect mix between masculine and feminine, and oversized and fitted. Here’s what Bosworth says about the collection:
The collection is tailored and classic. For fall, we wanted to create luxurious pieces with a strong minimalist approach. Slim silhouettes are cloaked in a masculine shape, staying true to the mix of masculine/feminine balance that exists in my personal aesthetic.”

Reportedly, the collection was inspired by Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan, taking from his art the monochromatic, metallic, and red colour palette. Watch the inspirational video for the collection below.

The 46-piece collection was launched today, and prices range from a very affordable £35 up to £500. You can shop the collection here. Fun fact: the photo and video shoot come from the 30-year old’s husband, Michael Polish. Check out my favourite pics from the collection below!

Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop

Right after discovering that Berlin just opened up their very own Topshop department in KaDeWe (the ‘Harrods’ of Berlin), the great news keeps coming: supermodel Kate Moss is designing a collection for Topshop again, which will be available in stores coming April! Now there’s some news to get us through the upcoming cold dark days and gives us something to look forward to!

This is not the first time the world-famous British top model has designed for the high street store; between 2007 and 2010 14 ‘Kate Moss for Topshop’ collections were created, in which she played the role of designer and model. This upcoming collection will have 40 pieces ranging from womenswear, accessories, and footwear, and is expected (like with previous collections) to be inspired by Moss’s personal wardrobe and style.

Kate Moss:
“I have always been a big fan of Topshop and regularly shop there. I love what they stand for and am very excited at the thought of working with them. It’s going to be great fun.”

The collection will be sold in Topshop stores in 40 countries and the online shop of the brand. Check the pictures below for my favorites from the past collections.

Jeff Bridges (& Amber Valletta) for Marc O’Polo

Jeff Bridges & Amber Valletta for Marc O'Polo

Jeff Bridges & Amber Valletta for Marc O’Polo

We all know Jeff Bridges from his legendary performance as ‘The Dude’ in the 1998 Coen brothers classic ‘The Big Lebowski’. Reading the interview he did with Marc O’Polo, the German brand of which he is now ‘the face’ with Amber Valetta, it appears that Jeff Bridges the actor and “the Dude” Lebowski are not that different. Like Lebowski, Jeff Bridges is laid-back, relaxed, true to himself and he simply goes with the flow. Jeff Bridges even wrote a book with his long time friend and buddhist teacher, Bernie Glassman, called ‘The Dude and the Zen master’.

However, that was not the last time Bridges felt closely related to one of his characters. One of my favourite films of Jeff Bridges is ‘Crazy Heart’, the film for which he won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2009, and according to Bridges, it was one of his favourite projects because he got to bring his ‘passion’ into his work. Because apart from being a laid-back buddhist, talented actor, and an all-round awesome guy, this silver fox knows a thing or two about guitars and singing as well. Listen to his husky country songs on Spotify.

Wondering how he made the gig to model for the German based brand? Here’s what Marc O’Polo said about their choice:

Marc O’Polo’s Fall-Winter 2013-2014 campaign is grounded in the brand’s signature philosophy, summed up in the slogan ‘follow your nature’. We decided to bring in an ambassador, a real protagonist embodying our values. We did not take the search lightly. We sought someone real. Someone who is at peace with himself or herself, and stays committed to his or her decisions.

I think it’s safe to say that Marc O’Polo nailed it, with both Jeff Bridges and Amber Valletta. Check out the pictures below and tell me that is not one interesting, attractive (in general, not in a gross way), and unique person staring at you in beautiful autumn/winter wear.

How to turn a buttoned shirt into a dress

When I was a teenager I used to wear my father’s old fancy buttoned shirts that were too old for him to wear with his suit.
Just a slightly washed look, way too big for me (my dad is 1,93 m/6.3 ft) and combined with skater jeans and a simple black tank top, I thought I looked awesome.
Of course, you’re 14 years old and everything you think you’re doing right, you’re probably doing wrong.
Now, ten years later, I still claim all my dads’ old shirts, promising myself I will use them for when I make paintings (which, of course, I never do) and now have a small pile of Hugo Boss and Marc O’Polo crisp white and beautiful lined striped buttoned mens’ shirts collecting dust.

Until I saw this video.

Beware! Before you sneak into your handsome but unfortunately not Alexander Skarsgård-tall boyfriend’s closet and steal the shirt you’ve always been jealous of: you need a pretty big size to actually turn it into a dress – shirts and skirts would also work.

Shoes of Prey

Jodie Fox - founder Shoes of Prey | Picture: Edwina Pickles

Jodie Fox – founder Shoes of Prey | Picture: Edwina Pickles

How often have you been in a shoe store, looking for that perfect pair and you just can’t find it? Maybe you already have a too detailed idea of what it should look like and the offers are never just quite right, or you’re looking for something to match those new jeans or skirt and it just doesn’t want to match.
The Australian business Shoes of Prey has found a (fun and affordable!) way to fix this annoying problem. As a costumer you can customize your own shoes in a few very easy and user-friendly fashion, letting you choose everything from the shape of the shoe, the heel height, materials, colours, etc.

The brand started in 2009 as the first customizable women’s shoe brand launched on a global scale and has since then helped shoppers create over a trillion designs on its website and has produced over a million handmade shoes. If you need inspiration to help you with your shoe design, you can click on the website’s gallery to see what like minded women from all over the world have cooked up.

During and after the designing process you can take a look at your creative outburst from a 360 degree angle, and if you want to review your designs later with a fresh pair of eyes you can save it on your account. It can of course be very difficult to make a decision based on what you see on a screen and without touching and trying something on first. That’s where their awesome return policy comes in: if a customer receives a pair of shoes she isn’t happy with, she’s got a year to return them – no questions asked!

Richard Avedon exhibition London

Richard Avedon | Twiggy

Richard Avedon | Twiggy

After living in Berlin for two and a half years I thought I had made myself immune to the ‘New Year’s Eve curse’ that seems to linger all throughout the year: no matter where you are and what you’re doing, there’s always something more cool, exciting, and legendary you could be doing.

I was not prepared for the curse to move abroad though. After finding out that there is a Richard Avedon exhibition on London, I really wish I would be in London for whatever reason so I could just pop into the Gagosian Gallery to see this exhibition of photographer Richard Avedon in real life.

The New York Times after Richard Avedon’s death in 2004:
Avedon revolutionized the 20th century art of fashion photography, imbuing it with touches of both gritty realism and outrageous fantasy and instilling it with a relentlessly experimental drive

The exhibition shows a selection of photographs from the 1960s and 1970s, specifically focusing on one of the core ideas of Avedon’s fashion photography; images of women in motion, and features beautiful pictures of big names such as Gisele Bündchen and old-time favourite Twiggy.

The exhibition runs until October 26 at the Gagosian Gallery in London.

Vogue on Vivienne Westwood

Sienna Miller, Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler |

Sienna Miller, Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler |

In a previous life, two classmates and I decided to do our major report in the final year of high school on the Punk movement of the ’70s. It covered much ground – a little bit of music, Sociology, a creative aspect, and History, what more can teachers desire? – and it was for us, alternative outcasts, an interesting and inspiring topic.
During my teen years I was never really interested in fashion – up until then I expressed myself in my looks through pink pixie hair, home made dreadlocks (fail!), baggy pants and the whole shebang – but getting deeper into this political movement, how can you not stumble upon and be captivated by Vivienne Westwood? I remember being genuinely surprised that fashion could also be edgy, a political statement, and so well known and respected even if it’s out of the ordinary.

My teenage excitement and curiosity for this one-of-a-kind-breed-of-a-woman got rekindled when I found out just a few days ago that the series ‘Vogue on Designers’ have now released a ‘Vogue on Vivienne Westwood’ book. The concept of the book series is simple: the pages contain sketches and photography from the Condé Nast archive, and will offer Vogue’s view of what makes the designer so influential. Designers they have focussed on in the past are Dior, Givenchy, and Chanel to name but a few.

Linda Watson, renowned fashion writer and author of Vogue On Vivienne Westwood, assisted Westwood on two collections before switching to journalism. “Historically, Vivienne Westwood’s contribution to fashion is unsurpassed,” Watson told Vogue. “For over 40 years she’s questioned the status quo. Punk is a case in point. Created in the Seventies, its impact is still evident today. Since then, she’s become the queen of experimental cutting, relentlessly combining innovation with tradition.”
The book looks back on her origins in punk, brings some of her most daring and risqué designs into the spotlight, and explore the still flourishing career of Britain’s reigning fashion queen.

Some of my personal favourite designs by Vivienne Westwood:

Vogue On Vivienne Westwood is now available on Amazon for only €15,95!

Celebrity fashion designs for pro-gay charity UK

Gay is hot. Ever since Russia’s president Putin signed new controversial laws against being LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) in Russia, it seems the rest of the world, as a counter effect, is becoming more pro-gay by the minute.
What’s happening in Russia is an ugly thing, but the rest of world is shining with beauty in our fierce vocalization of disapproval.

Tilda Swinton risking imprisonment in Moscow

Tilda Swinton risking imprisonment in Moscow

Celebrities from all over the world have showed their anger and raised their voice against the Russian law in different inspiring ways; Tilda Swinton risked her freedom by taking a picture with a gay flag in Moskow, Stephen Fry inspired us to think about boycotting the Olympics in his moving and viral open letter to David Cameron and the IOC, hearts were breaking when Wentworth Miller (star of the drama series Prison Break) came out in protest against the law, declining an invitation for a film festival hosted in St. Petersburg – now models and musical stars have taken on a fashionable stand to support Stonewall, a lesbian, gay and bisexual charity in the UK.

Celebrities such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue, and Elton John use Adidas’ celebrated tennis trainer, the Stan Smith, as a blank canvas, creating one-off pieces of art that will be auctioned and then briefly exhibited, to raise money and awareness for the UK’s Lesbian, Gay & Bi-sexual equality charity Stonewall in collaboration with Platform Six.

The results will be on display at the Bargehouse in London from today until September 14th so if you’re in London, check them out!

Check out the Stonewall website, Twitter and Facebook for more information.

Blackbird handmade jewelry Toronto

Vanessa and Regan | Blackbird jewelry Toronto

Vanessa and Regan | Blackbird jewelry Toronto

At the end of July I was in Toronto, Canada and right after getting my tattoo at Imperial Tattoos (more on that later) on Ossington, we passed the space that my friend Ali had used for her vintage sale the week before and saw that there was another pop-up event happening. We walked in and had a quick chat with two very lovely (and pretty!) ladies Vanessa and Regan who told us they were the creative mind and productive hands behind ‘Blackbird’, a hand-made jewelry brand. I was very impressed with what I saw and thus very pleased when Vanessa happily agreed to do an interview with me over email when I came back to Berlin.

Vanessa Marino and Regan Hayes met in high school and began collaborating on various creative pursuits right from the start. Blackbird came about very organically: “we always knew we wanted to work together and one night while travelling through Europe we were stuck in a hostel waiting for a thunderstorm to clear and started to piece together what would eventually become the basis for Blackbird.

Even though their designs are very elegant and smoothly made, what personally struck me most about their jewelry is the raw vibe it somehow has. When asking about that, Vanessa explains: “we like working with a range of materials and incorporating different textures into each piece. Gold, silver, and gun metal are standard for us but we like to mix in plexiglass and lucite, ropes, crystals, quills, rhinestone. Basically anything we can dream up and get our hands on. Blackbird is a about a juxtaposition of moods, elements and ideas. Masculine and feminine, hard and soft, and mixing materials is an important part of that. “

A few of my favourite items from their lookbooks/collections:
The young entrepreneurs also had a piece of solid advice – something I realize I sometimes have trouble with in my own projects. “The most important part of our business is balance. We love what we do and are consistently working and creating and dreaming. So it can sometimes be hard to turn off the lights and just go to sleep.” Besides balancing their jewelry brand and hosting pop-up shops around Toronto, Blackbird also makes jewelry by request: “we love one of a kind creations. We often do special pieces for charity or brides. Because everything is handmade in Toronto, it’s easy for us to collaborate upon request.”

Vanessa and Regan host Blackbird Pop Ups in Toronto many times throughout the year. To keep an eye out, check out their website and Facebook.

Alexander Skarsgård for Calvin Klein

Alexander Skarsgård for Calvin Klein

Alexander Skarsgård for Calvin Klein

I recently had some time to spare on Frankfurt Airport and came across a new Calvin Klein ad with Alexander Skarsgård. A gorgeous man who happens to appear in films and tv-shows I sometimes like (Eric in True Blood), and sometimes I really don’t (Melancholia).

He’s also a model for Calvin Klein, need I say more?
Skarsgård stars in a 10-minute video for an amazing Calvin Klein fashion film for Provocations (I’m a sucker for good fashion films). Fabien Baron directed this film campaign (best known for his work at Interview magazine) and to put a cherry on top, the film features music by one of my favourite Icelandic composers Ólafur Arnalds.

It’s mysterious, beautiful, sexual, captivating, and the breath-taking images will stick with you for some time after watching it.


Don’t have the time/patience to watch a ten-minute video? Here are some stills from the video which were later used as print/online ads.

Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence –

Vogue is not a bible for me; simply an overpriced magazine with overpriced items inside but I can’t help admire the beautiful fashion pictures it contains. I’m not a big fan of the actors-turn-model-for-one-issue and often feel they’re mixing two worlds that don’t need to be mixed, like some people would say of a whisky and coke.

For the September issue of this year’s Vogue US however, they’ve asked Jennifer Lawrence (the 23-year old actress from ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Silver Linings Playbook’) to shine on the most important cover (of the most important issue) of the year.

There’s something about Jennifer Lawrence. She’s beautiful, refreshing, goofy and simply an amazing actress. Anyone who has seen the interview after her fall on the Oscar stage while trying to climb the steps to receive her Oscar, has fallen in love with her a little bit.

Apart from the surprisingly stunning pictures, which is not always a given – sorry Katy Perry -, the editorial about the young Oscar winner is also very amusing.

Excerpt from Vogue US interview:
David O. Russell, the man who directed Lawrence to an Oscar in Silver Linings Playbook, remembers bumping into her during awards season, 2011. “I would see this tall blonde at events, and I never understood who she was,” he says. “She looked like an Orange County girl—or Malibu Barbie. And I was like, ‘Who is that?’ And someone would say, ‘That’s Jennifer Lawrence,’ and I would say, ‘The girl cooking a squirrel on a stick in Winter’s Bone?’ I never recognized her! She always looks different.”

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To read the full interview go to the entry on