My name is Anouk, a 24-year old Dutch (that’s the Netherlands) girl living in Berlin.

Last summer I did a three-month internship with a London-based start-up online magazine. I produced many articles about fashion and celebrities and as the magazine grew rapidly, my contact with the manager quickly raced downhill. After being told ‘I had to know my place as an intern’ I decided to not be treated like scum – especially not after doing so much work -, gave my boss the finger and quit before they cut me loose themselves.

After this, I wanted to keep writing – my parttime job as an online editor for Nickelodeon is not enough – but simply had no outlet. My eyes flickered to Berlin-based English magazines but saw clearly that my options were limited and, since I’m planning on leaving this wonderful city some time before I turn 26, not worth it. Why start writing for a magazine I’m not really interested in, just to write? I’ve been through enough articles about handbags and wedding dresses I do not care about.

I decided to give the finger to what is ‘supposed to be my next step’ and start my own blog. Not to be rich or famous, smart or funny, brilliant or stupid – just simply because I love to write and I go a little bit crazy (not the fun kind) when I don’t put my thoughts onto paper.

That’s why you’ll find articles where I point the finger in the direction of everything that passes through my brain: how normal I think Miley Cyrus is, how happy I am discovering second hand shops/items, how great movies with hot guys in them are, and what would keep me up at night about life and social rules if I would have trouble sleeping, which, fortunately, I don’t.

I hope you enjoy the straight and crooked paths of my interests and thoughts.


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