DIY, Dammit!

DIY, Dammit!

DIY, Dammit!

Sometimes in the life of surfing the internet, you come across really cool DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas for your home, your children’s toys, or to give away as presents. What these perfectly presented pictures with captions such as “super easy in three steps!” don’t tell you, is that when you try this at home, it will probably look really, really shitty. Somehow these creative crafty concoctions just don’t come out right – not even close. Super easy in three steps: a failed DIY project, a seriously dinted self-esteem and a rapidly dropping regard for yourself as a human being capable of simply anything. Does this sound like fun? No.

Comedian Joselyn Hughes didn’t think so either and started a videoblog called ‘DIY, Dammit!‘. In these instruction videos, Joselyn (with the help from her friends and her dog) shows you all the steps of different DIY projects – including her own crumbling hope that it will succeed, and with honest cluelessness from time to time (let this paint dry for… an hour? Two hours? Maybe a day? I’m just gonna slowly walk away…). Apart from taking the ‘plastic America’ out of DIY and ‘keeping it real’, there are some really cool, out of the ordinary ideas and she convinces us that we too, can do this at home.

If you’re into DIY and always wanted to try that one thing, you can also email her on her website and request her to show you how it’s done. Follow ‘DIY, Dammit!’ on Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or check out her personal website.


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