Alec Baldwin’s ‘Here’s the Thing’

Alec Baldwin's 'Here's the Thing'

Alec Baldwin’s ‘Here’s the Thing’

As I’m sitting in my Hotel room in Chicago, the flatscreen on the wall at the end of the bed is winking at me invitingly. “Come on, switch me on,” it’s trying to say, “I’ll distract you with fun things to watch while you’re trying to work”. Luckily, I’ve been without a tv for many years so the temptation is not that great. But it makes me wonder whatever happened to the good old days of plugging in my headphones into my indestructible portable radio, after secretly curling up into my father’s big brown leather ‘smoke chair’, and listening to radio or mixed tapes. I’ve always loved radio, there’s something soothing about listening to good voices, and something challenging in closing your eyes and imagining the accompanying pictures to the story that’s being told, the conversation that’s being held, or the background information about artists and songs that’s given. I’ve recently found great joy in listening to audio books while knitting – damn, that sounds grannylike/nerdy but not cool enough to be hipster – and podcasts/talk radio.

Golden Globe winner Alec Baldwin may be most famous for his role as ‘Jack Donaghy’ in the successful comedy show ’30 Rock’, but this attractive gentleman has many more talents. Just a few weeks ago his newest addition of skills premiered in the form of a weekly Late Night talk show on MSNBS called ‘Up Late with Alec Baldwin’. A much lesser known skill that Alec Baldwin has, is interviewing. For a while now, he has been hosting his very own hour-long podcasts on WNYC where he interviews different famous people about different topics.

Because Baldwin is a known person in showbizz, and just generally a very friendly and charismatic man, many people have opened their homes, offices, and dressing rooms to him and his recording equipment, giving the listener the feeling that you’re a fly on the wall, hearing two established people having a personal discussion. From Jerry Seinfeld, to Rosie O’Donnell, via Michael Douglas to Kris Kardashian Jenner, Baldwin shares ideas, opinions and let’s his guests open up in a calm and interesting manner. His deep inviting voice will keep your ears warm for an hour without you wanting to stop listening. Perfect entertainment for when your tv/laptop screen is giving you ‘square eyes’ and you just want to be entertained while you sip on a warm cup of tea while the weather outside rages.

And yes, Alec Baldwin is just awesome because he has the most natural ‘duck face’ of anybody in showbiz and can totally get away with it.

Find ‘Here’s the Thing’ on Facebook here and listen to the podcasts on the website.



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