Mythbusters interactive Twitter experiment

Mythbusters interactive Twitter experiment

Mythbusters interactive Twitter experiment

I live in a shared apartment on the top floor of an amazing place in Neukölln, Berlin. One of my previous flatmates was very much into plants and our house soon turned into an indoor jungle affair. I didn’t mind, I never mind green in the house – unless I have to take care of it that is. I used to get mini cactuses for my room because I simply forget to water them. Name my plants and talk to them? Yes, of course! Water them? I simply forget…
The girl who was taking care of our home grown forest really talked to our plants, and dusted them off with precision and care. It is said, that talking to plants and giving them love will help them grow. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is putting that popular idea to the test with a 21st-century experiment.


As part of ‘Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition‘, the museum created an interactive experiment which boils down to the simple idea: anyone can tweet to a plant in the museum, the message gets turned into robotic speech which the plant will hear through a speaker. To complete the experiment, another plant will sit in silence.
On the website you can keep track of the process of the experiment. The museum compares size, leaf colour, height, and how many words the loved plant has heard.


So confess your deepest darkest secret, declare your love, or simply scold the plant if you like (it’s not picky about what it will hear) in 140 characters to contribute to this awesome experiment. Go to the website to send you own message to participate!
Contribute to the Mythbusters' experiment #talktoaplant

Contribute to the Mythbusters’ experiment #talktoaplant


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