Shoes of Prey

Jodie Fox - founder Shoes of Prey | Picture: Edwina Pickles

Jodie Fox – founder Shoes of Prey | Picture: Edwina Pickles

How often have you been in a shoe store, looking for that perfect pair and you just can’t find it? Maybe you already have a too detailed idea of what it should look like and the offers are never just quite right, or you’re looking for something to match those new jeans or skirt and it just doesn’t want to match.
The Australian business Shoes of Prey has found a (fun and affordable!) way to fix this annoying problem. As a costumer you can customize your own shoes in a few very easy and user-friendly fashion, letting you choose everything from the shape of the shoe, the heel height, materials, colours, etc.

The brand started in 2009 as the first customizable women’s shoe brand launched on a global scale and has since then helped shoppers create over a trillion designs on its website and has produced over a million handmade shoes. If you need inspiration to help you with your shoe design, you can click on the website’s gallery to see what like minded women from all over the world have cooked up.

During and after the designing process you can take a look at your creative outburst from a 360 degree angle, and if you want to review your designs later with a fresh pair of eyes you can save it on your account. It can of course be very difficult to make a decision based on what you see on a screen and without touching and trying something on first. That’s where their awesome return policy comes in: if a customer receives a pair of shoes she isn’t happy with, she’s got a year to return them – no questions asked!


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