To travel is better than to arrive

To travel is better than to arrive

To travel is better than to arrive. The meaning of this quote is ‘the journey is more important than the destination’, ultimately saying that you should cherish the path towards your destination and appreciating the obstacles you go through while trying to reach your goal and realizing it’s okay to not reach your destination, as long as the path if fulfilling. Ever since I heard my father say this inspiring quote to me when I was a little girl, I’ve had a slightly different, let’s say more shallow, meaning to this phrase. A very simply meaning, I don’t really care about when things I’m really looking forward to, don’t actually happen in the end.

Last Tuesday I was finally going to see one of my idols, Chris Cornell, live in Berlin. I had bought tickets to the Soundgarden concert and had been dreaming about it since that happy day. Unfortunately, on Monday I became sick and on Tuesday, I was not even slightly better. After dragging myself to the supermarket to get some food a few hours before the concert I realized it was going to be quite a tricky thing to get myself to the venue and manage to stay upright for three hours, let alone enjoy this amazing evening.
With pain in my heart I decided to sell my ticket last minute and buried myself under my blankets staring at the Chris Cornell poster next to my bed at 21.30 h, the time that Soundgarden had probably just entered the stage and I managed to sleep through the painful hours. Even though I was heartbroken that I would miss this concert that I had been looking forward to for months, I was still happy that I got to be happy about the anticipation; the looking forward to the event – ‘the traveling’ -, even though I never reached – ‘the destination’ -, the concert.
The heartache was manageable by the fun times I had before the moment of the concert; the sleepless nights I went through between finding out the concert would be happening and the day the tickets actually went on sale, the researching the set lists of previous concerts to prepare myself for ecstasy or disappointment, and the sweet taste of bragging and driving my flatmates and friends crazy with my bouncing anticipation of the approaching big day.

No one can take away the butterflies and anticipation I had in advance. Of course I’m sad that I miss a concert I’ve been looking forward to so much, but at least I got to enjoy the foreplay. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like foreplay?

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