Mr. Whippy’s Frozen Yoghurt Truck

I hate foodstagram. The sport of taking pictures of something you cooked and are about to put in your mouth and digest, simply to stay alive – I just don’t get it. You don’t see people tweeting ‘I just took a breath!’, get over it.
It might make you wonder why it would be okay to blog about food instead. Well, this case is different ( šŸ˜‰ !). Mr. Whippy is not about food, it’s about treating yourself to pleasure and supporting a local business.
Because mr. Whippy does not just saturate your hunger, it prickles your brain in the little game of trying to find the perfect combination of toppings (what a stretch in my brain to pick two toppings from my favorites coconut, krokant, strawberries, and chunks of Oreo cookies) and it literally makes me and my friends happy; whenever we find out that mr. Whippy is near – once in a while he parks (on request) on our media spree and me and my colleagues go undercover on Coca Cola property to get a piece of the good stuff – it sincerely brightens up our day.
I’ve tried other Frozen Yoghurts in Berlin but they’re just not the same.

Me and my colleague enjoying Frozen Yoghurt at work

Me and my colleague enjoying Frozen Yoghurt at work

So get it while it’s hot (cold), discover your favorite topping-mix and help spread the love!
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