The Gun Seller – book review

Hugh Laurie - The Gun Seller

Hugh Laurie – The Gun Seller

Books can be like wine. Leave them collecting dust for a couple of years and they might get that much better, more interesting, even relevant as it’s hard to see a world you live in when you’re in the eye of the storm. How much I love reading books where the characters don’t have cell phones and still write post cards home instead of quick texts and Facebook messages.

Cold-blooded murder just isn’t Thomas Lang’s cup of tea. Offered a bundle to assassinate an American industrialist, he opts to warn the intended victim instead — a good deed that soon takes a bad turn. Quicker than he can down a shot of his favorite whiskey, Lang is bashing heads with a Buddha statue, matching wits with evil billionaires, and putting his life (among other things) in the hands of a bevy of femmes fatales. Up against rogue CIA agents, wannabe terrorists, and an arms dealer looking to make a high-tech killing, Lang’s out to save the leggy lady he has come to love…and prevent an international bloodbath to boot.

The Gun Seller by multi-talented Hugh Laurie, whom you will most likely know from the American hit series House is one of those books. Add to that that Hugh Laurie has a refreshing sense of humor (did you know that he used to be comedy BFF’s with Stephen Fry?) and a stop-take-a-step-back-and-laugh writing style and you’ve got yourself a funny and exciting book.
Here and there the story gets lost (so many details to the story!) and the characters go over-the-top but everything is written with so much control that it’s absolutely okay. Sometimes Laurie even points out how ridiculous the plot is in the head of the character but pokes fun of ‘how can anyone come up with that?’, making it a charming way to get away with a Hollywood storyline. I feel ‘charming’ is a good word for the book in general.

Unfortunately, about two-thirds into the book I felt lost for a good 10% of the book. Having said that, the writing style and humor in the book is so good that I did not mind not following the story and just soaking up the words for that 10% and eventually I caught on with what was happening again.
All in all, it’s a fresh, funny, and charming book. I will be honest – the fact that the main character is totally the Jason-Statham-with-British-wit-and-honest-fear-type-of-guy which I find immensely attractive might have something to do with why I liked it so much 😉

If you’re into good, funny, original books and witty reads – this is definitely a good choice.

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