The Wolverine film review

Hugh Jackman as 'Wolverine'

Hugh Jackman as ‘Wolverine’

The X-Men film series is based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. In 2000 the first film came out (X-Men), followed by two more X-Men movies and two spin-offs. One spin-off was called X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and the sequel to that, The Wolverine, was released in the USA on July 26 2013.

Movie: The Wolverine
Date of release: July 26 2013
Cinema: CineStar Berlin

Plus: Hugh Jackman is on top of his game. Not just physically, but the torment that is etched on his face throughout the movie is very believable. It feels like he really has been around for centuries and has seen a lot. Plus somehow a hard, bitter man who softens up even just the slightest bit is sexy as hell.
Balance between comic book story telling and bad ass action hero is great. In general I’m a sucker for good action one-liners and bas-ass funny quotes. Wolverine had moments where he was bad-ass and cheeky in a typical action-movie way, but it was never lame. It always seem to stay just on the right side of the line where it’s still believable that he says these cheeky things because he’s been around for long, has seen it all and really doesn’t have ‘time for this bullshit’.

Minus: The story itself is half predictable and the other half confusing. The characters around the damsel in distress were not explored and significant enough to remember the exact relation and therefor causing confusion. That ninja was good, then bad and then good again – or was that the other guy?

I wasn’t blown away and also not disappointed. There were definitely some epic moments, beautiful images and great acting (especially the scenes where Wolverine has nightmares). There were also moments where I knew exactly what was going to happen in a Hollywood kind of way and found the supporting characters (the female main role) could have had some more depth.
Having said that; the plus sides definitely made up for the down sides!

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Grade 1 – 10? 7,3!


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